Chloe Marie Laird was born in Austin on January 23, 1996 to Scottish-Italian parents, Steve Laird and Lorraine Laird. She is the niece of our Buda office manager, Chris Dringenberg. When talking about herself, Chloe owns her sign stating, “my most aquarius trait is my independence. I am totally self reliant. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll ask for help I’m not afraid, but if I can do it myself I will.”

That kind of thinking is what makes Chloe a truly special part of our team. On September 3rd she will celebrate four years at Southwest Engineers, where she has worked our front desk while finishing school. Chloe will complete a major in Business Management with a minor in International Business from Texas State University. During her time in business school, she found herself increasingly interested in marketing and joined AMA (American Marketing Association). Other favorite subjects were organization behavioral management and finance.

Working at SWE has taught Chloe a lot about the civil engineering industry and she has excelled at supporting our administration needs at our Central Texas location. Whether she’s running docs to the City of Austin or maintaining our daily office operations, we can always count on her to get the job done. 


It is our pleasure to announce that Chloe has been promoted to Office Manager/ Marketing Assistant at our Buda office.

Ready for what the future holds she recalls her start back in 2014, “I was an administrative assistant since I began working here. I am so excited for this new role because I feel that I can do a really good job, and I know that I will learn a lot from our management team.”

Favorite memories from SWE:

“I think one memory that stood out as really special happened the first year that I worked here. We went to the christmas party and it was truly the first time I felt so included and got that feeling where everyone was so nice and friendly. I remember thinking WOW they welcomed me with open arms. Everybody had history with the company, somebody knew somebody, they had all been working together for so many years… thats something truly special when you can show that kind of loyalty to an organization.”

Outside of work, Chloe has a zeal for travel. Earlier in her life, Chloe feared heights and it wasn’t until she flew on an airplane that she was able to shake it off. The bold plane tattoo on her ankle; a reminder of overcoming fear and learning something new about herself. Wearing colorful earrings from New Mexico, Chloe smiles brightly as she says,“traveling is my passion, it rules my life to be able to see other places. I love history. New Orleans is one of my favorite places… the architecture there is beautiful. I’m obsessed with buildings!” Chloe happily describes herself as an ‘iced-coffee person”, who loves to spend time with her family and friends, enjoys thrift shopping and claims The Sandlot and Goodfellas as her top movie picks.

We look forward to Chloe’s graduation from Texas State University on Saturday May 12th and celebrate her talent and bright attitude on our team.

Chloe: We are so proud of you and happy to have you full-time from now on! 

Thank you for reading! This Tacos & Talks was brought to you by Southwest Engineers and Jo’s Cafe out of San Marcos

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