Williamson County Concrete Batch Plant

Georgetown, TX

Williamson County Concrete Batch Plant

Southwest Engineers designed a full site plan for this 41.67-acre concrete plant in Georgetown’s ETJ. The site contains a 1,632-SF office building, a 200-SF office building, a 3,000-SF shop, a fire tank, a private water well, pump house, and processing tanks serviced by private water lines, and a detention pond with two filtration basins.

Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge was to obtain permitting from Williamson County, the City of Georgetown, and TCEQ. Georgetown and TCEQ are both stringent with their requirements and specified a high degree of drainage and water quality controls due to the location and nature of the project. It was a collective concern to ensure that stormwater runoff would be captured, treated for water quality, and adequately retained to avoid any adverse flooding impacts downstream of the project site. Our team was successful in designing a conscious grading and drainage plan that included two separate water quality facilities and a detention pond, providing an above average TSS removal rate (from TCEQ’s 80% to 85%). Working closely with our client and respecting surrounding communities, the development was centered on doing things the right way. Together we preserved large, heritage trees by incorporating them into the layout and focused on abating pollution via water retention and reuse in our design. This project closed out on schedule in May 2022.

“Punctuality was stressed by the client and we were able to deliver. We began working in March 2021 and the clients required permits for construction by August 2021. We went through three rounds of review with the City/County, two rounds of review by TCEQ, and obtained approval from all entities by the beginning of July!”

— SWE Project Manager